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The symbol to the left is a "wuji" in Taoist philosophy. Wuji is the original state, a state of emptiness, of oneness, the state one strives for in meditation. I also think of it as a state when we are all partners, when we collaborate in the best possible way.


I have always liked doing a variety of things. At the College of William and Mary, I majored in both psychology and philosophy as an undergraduate. For over thirty years I worked in the public mental health sector in a variety of tasks. My first employment after I got my master's was at Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, VA. I worked on a social skills training research grant project. I was involved with developing traing for staff, evaluating patients who had been in the program, and analyzing data. This led to work in the psychology department, then the research department, work as a counselor, work as a trainer for staff, and work in health, safety, emergency preparedness, and infection control. I wrote policies and procedures, investigated accidents, and occasionally assisted with human rights investigations. I got to work with a variety of clients as a counselor, and also got to work with a variety of staff including graduate student interms and practicum students.

After completing my Ed.S. I moved on to the local community mental health center. I worked as a case manager, a counselor, coordinated residential detox for substance abuse, performed pre-admission screenings, coordinated the client rights program and investigated complaints, and consulted on health and safety issues. I got my license as a professional counselor and worked as a licensed therapist for a number of years. I later took on quality assurance responsibilities in the areas of outcome data and state wait list data. I wrote grants, managed emergency response and coordinated with local emergency response managers. I developed and coordinated a practicum and internship program for graduate students in counseling and social work. I became a trainer for behavior management, first aid, CPR, AED, and leadership development. I also wrote online training and coordinated the online training program.


In 2008 I completed my doctorate in Psychology. In 2009, I went out on my own. I am currently in private practice as a counselor at Psychological Associates of Williamsburg. I am also developing a consulting business. I continue to volunteer as a tutor with the Williamsburg Regional Library as an Internet tutor, with my local Community Emergency Response Team, and with the American Red Cross as a CPR/AED/First Aid instructor. I am also certified to teach Psychological First Aid and to provide clinical supervision to persons pursuing their license as a professional counselor in Virginia. I belong to the American Psychological Association, the American Counseling Association, the Virginia Counselors Association, the Virginia Clinical Counselors Alliance and the International Center for Clinical Excellence. I am the chair of the VCA Professional Development Committee and on the steering committee of the Virginia Clinical Counselors Alliance. I helped establish a partnership between VCA and CE Quick/Relias Learningfor online continuing education for mental health professionals and a bookstore for VCA professional development. Please visit them both and help support VCA professional development. I continue to be active in client rights and was the acting chair of the Genesis Local Human Rights Committee until July 2013. I am also the secretary of the Colonial Road Runners. I review books for I am registered as a member of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Clinical Practice Network (GCPN), an international community of mental health and primary care professionals committed to furthering research and practice in global mental health. I have been studying taijiquan for over twelve years and assist my teacher with classes on occasion. I have taught 24 form Yang Style taijiquan at the Colonial Heritage Athletic Club and at the R. F. Wilkinson Family Peninsula YMCA. I am certified to teach Tai Chi for Arthritis and Tai Chi for Diabetes, two of the Tai Chi for Health Institute programs developed by Dr. Paul Lam. I teach a Sun style taiji class at the Patriots Colony, Williamsburg Landing, and Ford's Colony. I was featured in the Williamsburg Next Door Neighbors magazine in an article beginning on page 35, and in the Health Journal.

You can find out more about my taijiquan teaching at You can learn about the health benefits of taijiquan here.


My mission is to advocate for and facilitate collaboration for all members of organizations and systems and to empower members, organizations and systems through increased knowledge and skills for working together constructively, setting achievable goals and devising ethical ways of achieving those goals.

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