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About Me

I was born and raised in rural southside Virginia and grew up during the civil rights era. I moved to Williamsburg to attend William and Mary and never left. I believe in public service and worked in the public sector for over 30 years and left when I was laid off. I have volunteered at the Williamsburg Regional Library since 1996 tutoring individuals on how to use the Internet. I also volunteer with my local Community Emergency Response Team and the American Red Cross. I am an instructor for the Red Cross. I run and cycle and practice taiji chuan and yoga. I am a member of both the Colonial Road Runners and the Peninsula Track Club. I have run many road races including four marathons.

I became interested in technology during my undergraduate years while working in both radio and television. I also took independent research and later worked in research in psychology. During my master's program, I focused on working with college students. During my doctoral program I focused on working with older adults and on athletic performance. I have taken many many continuing education classes over the years on a wide variety of topics, particularly courses on maximizing therapy. I have been trained as a client rights investigator and worked many cases. As a result of my work and life experience, I am very committed to working collaboratively with people.


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