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This is a work in progress, and other services will be added. One area I am adding is assisting counselors establish a web presence. I constructed this site as well as the Psychological Associates site. I made the graphic at the top of that page as well from a photograph I took in Talkeetna, Alaska during the summer of 2008. I also maintain a site for my taiji chuan teacher here and for Sage Advice Pet Services. I have experience with setting up web sites, Blogger sites, Word Press sites, Yahoo Groups sites and mailing lists including MailChimp, YouTube channels, Picasaweb accounts, Twitter feeds, FaceBook, MySpace, and LinkedIn accounts, and with blending these with web sites. I also assist teaching taiji chuan, and I tutor computer skills at the Williamsburg Regional Library.

Fees are negotiable according to the job. Please contact me for details.

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