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Strategic Behavioral Response Planning - a Collaborative Systems Approach

Why a Collaborative Systems Approach

State licensing boards and accreditation organizations such as CARF require that behavioral health agencies have a behavior management plan in place. Having such a plan is good clinical practice any way. I have been a part of at least three different behavior management programs over the past thirty years. One thing that they have had in common is that organizationally, the programs were there because they were required and there was not a total buy in on the part of management and subsequently of staff. When that occurs, parallel processes trickle down throughout the agency including to those served. Behavioral management and interventions are just something else you do because you have to and are part of the policies and procedures that are not read very carefully if at all and are not practiced.

There is a movement towards collaboration in mental health. Those who get services are the experts on what they need with service providers giving their input and expertise in areas of coping, decision making, and other life skills. The team consists of the client, concermed others, and the clinical and support staff. This collaborative approach is also prevelent in organizations such as Google, IDEO, and W. L. Gore. Collaboration sparks creativity and innovation, which is well documented in the work of Keith Sawyer at Washington University - St. Louis. Collaboration is also widespread in software development with open source development enhancing access for all. We will use this approach here as well, so that all our users will have a stake and a part in ongoing development and so that each user will have a program that best meets their needs and that also teaches others. We also want this to be something that is fun for users and that they look forward to, and not that "training that has to be done every year."

What Strategic Behavioral Response Planning Is

SBRP is more than just teaching crisis intervention, active/deep listening techniques, and physical intervention skills. SBRP is comprehensive. It can include a review of organizational policies on behavior management (particularly with regard to client rights), environmental factors affecting behaviors, organizational factors affecting behavior, communication skills, and physical interventions.

We will work collaboratively with you to find what works best for your organization. We can work with you to find specific interventions for you - such as age specific, behavior specific, and job specific. We also can teach de-briefing skills or provide debriefing. You can also choose which consultative and training options you prefer with cost based on your choices. We will use feed back from all our clients to continually improve our methods.

Who Can Use Strategic Behavioral Response Planning

Virtually any organization that deals with the public can find Strategic Behavioral Response Planning useful. While this system originated in the behavioral health field, hospitals, libraries, schools, and businesses can all use this system. The goal is to prevent problematic behaviors from occurring and to be able to deal with them constructively if they do occur.

Practice is also essential. We will be putting PowerPoint reviews, white papers, and movies of the physical moves on this site to help with practice and internalization of skills. This product will be ready for launch at a later time.

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